AFPG Engineer Places in Top 10% at the NFSA Conference’s Design Technician Competition

NFSA, Luther Pringle, AFPG, Sprinkler Desgin

Congratulations are in order for Luther Pringle (pictured right), who placed 15th out of 150 total contestants in the Design Technician Competition held at this year’s National Fire Sprinkler Association conference in Nashville, TN.

This competition pits engineers from around the country against one another in a competition of skill, accuracy and precision pertaining to the design of a fire sprinkler system. Luther made it all the way to the prestigious Jeopardy Round, which pits the top 10% of the competition field in a test of sprinkler design knowledge and expertise.

Luther works as an Engineer at the AFPG Monroe, LA office. What makes Luther’s achievement in this competition even more impressive, is that he has only been in the Life Safety industry for two years. AFPG Monroe’s Division Leader, Wade Jones, said “I have had the great pleasure in watching Luther grow in the fire protection industry, it was no surprise for him to achieve this, we look forward to him doing even better next year.

The Sprinkler Design Competition has become a staple of the NFPA conference. The goal of the competition is simple – the NFSA is looking for the best Fire Sprinkler Design Technicians in the country! Contestants who go far in the competition are ones who know the NFPA 13 Handbook inside and out. They can competently and efficiently calculate optimal spacing for rooms with unusual dimensions in their head, or they have memorized what size suction pipe needs to be used with each size fire pump.

AFPG is very proud of Luther Pringle’s achievement in this competition and we look forward to watching his expertise grow each year.