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5 Reasons Why You Need to Have Your Commercial Fire Sprinkler System Inspected Annually

#1 – Protection of Life

A sprinkler system must be inspected and maintained in order to function properly and protect your employees and guests in the event of a fire. Most potential sprinkler failures are only noticeable during a thorough inspection. By not having your commercial property’s sprinkler system inspected you are putting lives at risk.

#2 – Protection of Property

If your business has to shut down due to a fire, the amount of revenue you lose could be catastrophic - not to mention your employees would all be out of work. And contrary to what many think, the water from a sprinkler system does not do more damage to your property than a fire. Sprinklers are designed to discharge only the amount of water necessary to put out the fire. Having your sprinkler system properly inspected is an important safeguard for the continuity of your business.

#3 - It’s The Law

By law you must have your fire alarm system tested at LEAST once per year. This includes a full range of tests completed on the fire panel, as well as tests for all smoke detectors, duct detectors, horns, strobes, chimes etc. The inspection is completed so that it does not interfere with your busy operating hours. AFPG will also work with the local Fire Marshal’s Department to confirm that they know you are taking care of your annual inspection.

Each year, our highly skilled teams examine thousands of new and existing life safety systems to validate optimal system operation, response times and operation of automatic sprinkler alarm systems.

#4 - It’s Affordable

The cost of an annual sprinkler inspection is less than you think. The size of your property and the amount of sprinkler heads in your facility all factor into how long it will take to perform the sprinkler inspection. For the most accurate estimation, you can call us directly and we’ll give you an over-the-phone estimate and schedule a time to come out and evaluate your property.

#5 - Insurance Requirements

Insurance companies investigate for negligence before paying out any insurance claims. One of the first forms of negligence they look for when assessing a claim is if property owners had their sprinkler systems inspected If you have a fire at your facility and you neglected to have your sprinkler inspection done you could be looking at having your insurance claim rejected.

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