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Emergency Lights

Emergency Lights are something we all pass by several times per day without even knowing about. Every commercial property is required by law to have the proper amount of emergency and exit lights. But did you know that you also must have them serviced and inspected each year to avoid costly fines?

AFPG is an industry leader for the Emergency Lights, offering these services to any and all customers we do Life Safety work for. Emergency Light inspections are the perfect service to bundle with your other inspections like you Fire Alarm and Sprinkler inspections.

AFPG offers the following Emergency Light Services:

  1. Annual Inspections
  2. Repairs & Replacement
  3. New Installations
  4. Bulk Orders

OSHA and the NFPA require certain standards for illumination and performance as well as special measures for battery operated systems. In the event of fire, exit lights have to work to protect the lives of everyone inside. Avoid the potential massive liability of loss of life and property by having your exit lights installed properly and inspected regularly.

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