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Fire Alarm Monitoring

Every second counts when detecting smoke or fire at your business. Fire Alarm Monitoring by AFPG gives you 24/7 protection on your commercial fire alarm and security systems. The central station will give details of the emergency to the proper support services.

Fire Alarm Monitoring keeps an eye the following Life Safety signals:

  1. Fire Alarm Activation
  2. Sprinkler Discharge
  3. Fire Suppression Systems Discharge
  4. Tampering Alerts
  5. And Much More

Insurance Liability for Monitoring

Just by having Fire Alarm Monitoring in place you could receive a discount on your liability insurance. AFPG’s monitoring service starts at just $35/month, so in most cases, you could actually make money just by signing up form monitoring and saving big on insurance cost.

Wireless Monitoring Services

A standard fire alarm monitoring system runs off your existing phone lines. For customers who prefer non-analog services, we do offer a Wireless Monitoring System that allows for full Fire Alarm monitoring services without the need of a telephone line.

Ready to sign up? With the insurance savings alone it’s worth the price to sign up for Fire Alarm Monitoring.

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