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Kitchen Hoods

No commercial business is more at risk of a fire than a restaurant. It’s a high heat job, with constant exposed flames, surrounded by very flammable ingredients. A fire in a kitchen can quickly get out of control and put all employees and restaurant patrons in danger. A working and well-maintained Kitchen Hood can be the difference between life and death.

Kitchen Hoods need to be inspected and maintained regularly in order to do its job and exhaust out of control fires. Failure to keep your Kitchen Hood inspection up to date could lead to insurance companies not accepting your claim in the event of a fire. Kitchen Hood inspections are quick and affordable. There’s no upside to putting it off and risking millions in liability and your entire restaurant.

Below is a brief overview of the areas that will be inspected based on the NFPA 96 Fire Code - which is the standard for ventilation control and fire protection of commercial cooking operations:

  1. Rooftop Grease Containment
  2. Electrical Wiring
  3. Fan Hinges
  4. Duct Access
  5. Access Panels
  6. Fan Access Panel
  7. Grease Buildup
  8. Hood Grease Filters
  9. Solid Fuel Cooking
  10. Spark Arrestor Filters

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