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Life Safety Frequently Asked Questions

Is water damage from a sprinkler system more damaging than a fire?

Fire sprinklers will greatly reduce property loss and damage due to a fire. The sprinkler system will quickly control the smoke and heat from the fire, limiting the damage to your facility and increasing the safety of your employees.

How long will a fire alarm last?

The standard fire alarm should last you around 10 – 12 years. But to fully ensure the safety of your facility and employees they should be replaced well before then. Replacements are affordable and easy.

How many fire extinguishers does my commercial property need?

The number and type of fire extinguishers you require depends on the nature of your business and the risks involved. The only way to get the right number is to have a Life Safety expert come to your property and provide an assessment.

What is a CO2 fire suppression system?

These systems are carbon dioxide fire suppression systems that can protect a variety of commercial and industrial facilities. This system smothers protected areas with a heavy blanket of CO2 to decrease the oxygen level and prevent combustion.

How often does my commercial fire alarm need to be inspected?

National Fire Code states that your fire alarm system be tested each and every year.

What is an addressable fire alarm?

An addressable fire alarm system can be very beneficial for larger facilities. These systems are connected to an annunciator panel that can show you which fire alarms are going off at any given time. It can give you real time access to the state of your entire fire alarm system.

Will smoke ever set off a sprinkler system

No. For a sprinkler system to discharge there needs to be enough heat (165 degrees F)

If one sprinkler goes off, do all sprinklers in the facility go off?

No. Each sprinkler head has their own heat sensor and they only discharge when that specific sprinkler head hits the 165 degree temperature.

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