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It is safe to say that water is vital to our existence on this planet. What was once in abundant supply is now being rationed due to the growth of the populous; therefore, making it crucial for us to protect what resources we have as best we can.

In the fire protection industry, we must do our part to protect the water supply. The most sensible way, at present, is through a Backflow Protection Program. An ever-growing number of cities and small towns are requiring approved backflow preventers to be installed downstream from the municipal water supply.

In most states, a backflow preventer must be an approved assembly by local authorities. The backflow preventer keeps your pressurized fire sprinkler water line from flowing back into the municipal water line, which is possible if there is a loss of pressure from the municipal water line. Backflow preventers eliminate the possibility of polluting the municipal water system through cross-contamination.

Once an approved backflow preventer has been properly installed by a licensed company, it must have an initial test performed by a licensed Backflow Tester (an individual who has completed the required course for backflow testing and has successfully passed the state test for certification).

AFPG is a fully licensed Backflow Tester and is an industry leader in servicing and inspecting commercial backflows and protecting your water resources.

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