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CO2 Fire Suppression

Fast, efficient and adaptable to a wide range of hazards, carbon dioxide fire suppression systems protect a variety of commercial and industrial facilities. This system smothers protected areas with a heavy blanket of CO2 to decrease the oxygen level, so combustion cannot happen.

AFPG designs, installs, repairs and inspects CO2 systems for a variety of industrial and commercial industries, including power generation, metal production and processing, printing electronics/computer production, research facilities and marine systems.

CO2 Fire Suppression Benefits & Features:

  1. It Works FAST – Within seconds, CO2 penetrates entire hazard areas to smother fires.
  2. Environmentally Friendly – CO2 exists as a gas in the Earth's atmosphere. A by-product of combustion, its use has no environmental impact.
  3. Non-Damaging– CO2 is a clean agent fire protection system, does not cause spoilage, requires no cleanup and leaves no residue.
  4. Non-Conductive – Because it does not produce electricity, CO2 can be used for a wide variety of special applications.
  5. Adaptive – CO2 is effective on a wide range of flammable and combustible materials

Foam & Chemical Suppression

AFPG provides a turnkey solution for foam/chemical fire suppression systems. This type of fire sprinkler system controls burning flammable liquids and natural gas using a mixture of foam and water. The foam-water mixture cools the fuel surface significantly. It also forms a blanket that prevents oxygen from getting to the fire and suppresses the release of flammable vapors that could ignite in the air.

  1. Foam/chemical fire suppression systems are ideal for commercial and industrial applications
  2. Used extensively in facilities that have flammable liquid storage
  3. If there's a fire, we'll get your system restored and operational quickly

We design, install and inspect foam/chemical fire suppression systems for a variety of commercial and industrial applications, from LNG storage/manufacturing facilities, refineries and warehouses to aircraft hangars, marine facilities and jet engine test facilities.

FM200 Fire Suppression System

An alternative to ozone-depleting Halon 1301 fire suppression systems, the FM-200 is among the industry’s leading clean gaseous agent fire suppression systems. Designed to extinguish combustible, flammable liquids and electrical fires in less than 10 seconds, it is the fastest fire protection available. This means less damage, lower repair costs, reduced downtime and, most importantly, added safety for personnel and property.

We design, install and repair waterless FM-200 fire suppression systems for a variety of high-hazard commercial and industrial applications, including data processing centers, process control rooms, clean manufacturing facilities, bank vaults, simulators, battery backup rooms and document storage areas.

With an FM-200 system from AFPG, you can rest easy knowing that, if your company were to experience a fire, you would be able to immediately resume operations without the interruption of a costly clean up and the expense of asset damage from suppressant residue.

Vortex System

Created by Victaulic, the world's leading developer and producer of mechanical pipe-joining systems, the Victaulic Vortex fire suppression system is a hybrid product that uses water to absorb a fire’s heat and nitrogen to reduce the oxygen feeding it.

At AFPG, we’re proud to supply our clients with this innovative, high level of fire protection without toxic chemicals or excessive water. Our Vortex fire suppression systems offer negligible environmental impact, minimal facility damage and downtime, and quick system recharges. In fact, this fire protection equipment dispenses 96 percent less water and water droplets 100 times smaller than traditional sprinkler systems, providing 50 percent improved heat absorption with zero wetting of the protected area.

We install and repair Vortex fire suppression systems for a variety of industrial and commercial industries, from power, automotive and mining facilities to data centers, museums and libraries.

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