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Quell Fire Sprinkler System

Created by Tyco Fire Products, a world leader in fire protection technology, the Quell fire suppression system is specifically designed for use in cold-storage environments. Using a "surround and drown" method, this efficient and durable system encircles and douses the fire area with large volumes of water to quickly and completely saturate the hazard area while minimizing damage to your valuable goods and the facility in which they are stored.

American Fire Protection Group is a trained and licensed installer of Quell systems. Our seamless network of divisions provides Quell systems to a variety of commercial and industrial companies, including those operating outdoor storage facilities, unheated warehouses and frozen food storage facilities.

The Quell system is unique because it doesn’t rely on in-rack components or anti-freeze. This means you can stock more commodity classifications, attain higher roof and storage heights, gain additional flexible stocking configurations and decrease installation costs. Plus, all systems installed by AFPG are covered by an exclusive 10-year manufacturer's warranty.

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