Neely Hall - Texas A&M

Location: College Station, TX

Scope of Work:

Three different dorms, three unique stories describe the Texas A&M University residential dormitory projects at the main TAMU campus located in College Station, Texas. TAMU boasts a student population of over 45,000 undergraduate and 15,000 graduate students. This small city includes over 40 residential dormitories that the Aggies call home. Approximately 10 years ago, the national initiative for all college campus living quarters to include fire sprinkler systems provided the momentum to finally make life safety a priority in all Universities across the nation.

Hart Hall is one of the oldest dorms on campus. A commemorative plaque suggests the dorm was built in part by the student body themselves. This retrofit preserved the exterior architectural component while introducing new world amenities to the residents. Included in these amenities is a NFPA#13R fire sprinkler system installed by AFPG of College Station, Texas. Since this project was a complete renovation the dorm was unoccupied during this renovation.

Fowler Hall is also one of the original residential halls that had the exterior entry approach, much like a route 66 motel of the 1950’s. This renovation featured a new NFPA#13R fire sprinkler system installed by AFPG out of College Station, Texas. Due to the dorm occupancy schedules this entire project had to be completed during the summer months from June 1st to July 31st.

Neely Hall is a contemporary architectural design utilizing pre-cast concrete units, stacked like a set of building blocks. With all of the amenities of a modern day hotel room, these students enjoy everything about which their parents and grandparents had once dreamed.  While connected to the latest technology in an air conditioned atmosphere, they joyfully talk on their I-phones and tap feverishly on the computers in a fully protected room equipped with a NFPA#13R fire sprinkler system furnished by AFPG in College Station, Texas. This project also had to be completed during the summer months from June 1st to July 31st.

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