Perkins Fire Pro

Fire protection is complex.

Managing it doesn’t have to be.

Perkins Fire Pro, Inc. has built a reputation as a competitive fire protection contractor with high standards and a quality product. We can handle any size project - from small to large, simple to complex - thanks, in part, to a staff of talented, experienced and conscientious people in every phase of our operation. Founded in 1922, we started with small projects due to the approaching Depression years. At the close of World War II, and during the adjustment period that followed, work was plentiful and Perkins’ business began to soar. Since the very beginning we’ve been proud to make commitments, not promises. And it’s reflected in the outstanding work we do every day. We’re eager to earn your trust and are confident you’ll find us worthy of it!

Perkins Fire Pro is proud to be part of American Fire Protection Group’s network of fire protection system divisions, including Fire Pro, Superior Fire Protection, Standard Automatic Fire Enterprises (SAFE), Mutual Sprinklers, APi Systems Group, DSS and East Texas Fire Protection.

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